Clark\’s Oyster Bar Opens on West 6th

Clark\’s Oyster Bar opened this fall on West 6th just in time to participate in the La Dolce Vita Food and Wine Festival. The small quaint restaurant has bright clean decor of white and blue. Outdoor seating is available with heaters in the winter.

Clark\’s treated La Dolce Food & Wine Festival attendees with lobster bites with caviar. After getting a taste of what they are serving I made a couple dates with friends to try some of their menu items.

Their sashimi plates is your choice of fresh pieces of delicate fish served with a lemon ponzu sauce, real wasabi and garnished with radish.
Their clams and mussels are served in a rich buttery broth and a hearty serving of grilled bread.

I enjoyed all the dishes I have tried at Clark\’s but hands down the stars of the show are the oysters. Considering this is Perla\’s sister restaurant it is no surprise that Clark\’s has an impressive variety of oysters. Pair a couple dozen of oysters with a nice bottle of vouvray would please anyone. One of my favorite things to do with oysters is getting friends together to order platters of various East coast and West coast oysters and deciding which one is our favorite. We call it East coast versus West coast night.

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