Sushi on the Go

There are several healthy sushi options in Austin to eat on the go. While sushi is often enjoyed at the sushi bar with sake and friends, sometimes we need a quick bite. There are several options for quick sushi in Austin besides the sushi section at the grocery store.

There are now 4 location of Snap Kitchen and one coming to Far West soon. Two of my favorite items at Snap are the veggie maki roll and the spring rolls. The veggie maki is served with a tasty red dipping sauce and the dish itself is gluten free and vegan. Spring rolls come with either tofu or chicken and a light flavorful house made sesame ginger dipping sauce.

Veggie Maki Roll

Lunchtime is onigiri time at Asahi Imports. Stop by for lunch during the weekdays and grab an easy to eat onigiri to go. Choose from Ume, Bontio, Salmon and what ever other flavors they are offering that day. They also offer a variety of bento boxes.


Zen Japanese Food Fast offers both made to order food and a grab and go section. The grab and go includes several options such as nigiri, rolls and seaweed salad. The rolls are served as 4 piece portions perfect for a light snack or to pair with sides.

How Do You Roll is slowly rolling out changes to their ordering system but currently a few locations still make customized roll in front of customers as they order. The service is quick and you can either take it to go or dine in.
Custom Sushi Roll and Miso Soup

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