Is 2013 the Year of the Lobster Roll?

It wasn\’t long ago a friend of mine from New England complained that she could not find a lobster roll in Austin. Well those days are long gone. While the bowl of the year is ramen, the year of the bun is the lobster roll.
Garbo\’s 1/2 lobster roll served Maine style
Garbo\’s serves two styles of lobster rolls, Connecticut style and Maine Style. Their Connecticut roll is topped with warm lemon tarragon butter while the Maine (classic) roll is mixed with house made mayo,  celery and \”special\” seasonings. Both are served on soft toasted Swedish Hills buns. Make sure to try the lobster mac n cheese with truffle oil if you are lucky enough to get their before it sells out.

Dock and Roll Diner\’s \”Maine\” event slider

Dock and Roll Diner has one of the most extensive menus I have seen for a food truck. They serve up a variety of rolls (sandwiches), accomplices (sides) and the well (non alcoholic beverages). Some of the menu items pay tribute to the area with names like Blue Bahn-ett and the Southwestlake. Their lobster roll, the \”Maine\” event, is lobster meat served cold with their Dock & Roll mayo topped with chopped chive and old bay lemon butter on a gourmet sausage roll. They also serve Austin, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Texas and Long Island versions of the lobster roll.

Dock and Roll on Twitter
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Clark\’s Oyster Bar serves a hardy lobster roll with your choice of Clark\’s fries or slaw. The lobster mix has mayo, finely chopped red onion and seasonings. The mix is placed on a thick toasted bun garnished with a lettuce leaf and warm butter on the side. 
Sign on Garbo\’s food truck

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