SnoLabs Artisanal Snow Shavery

SnoLabs Food Trailer

Full Disclosure: I recently attended a complimentary tasting at SnoLabs. All opinions are my own.

The idea of SnoLabs came into play when David Moon and Bomin Kim wanted to make healthy treats for their son. The couple started making delicious yet healthy sno cream using quality ingredients. SnoLabs uses organic 2% milk and natural ingredients such as fresh fruits to make a variety of  SNÖ flavor offerings. The owners make their sno from scratch without the use of milk powder and emulsifiers which allows the ingredients and flavors to shine.  In the fall of 2014 David and Bomin decided it was time to share their Asian-style frozen goodness with Austinites and opened SnoLabs.

This was my first experience with sno cream and I was very impressed. I suspected it would be too sweet for my taste but I was pleasantly surprised! If you are not familiar with sno it is described as a a hybrid of ice cream and shaved ice. The ribbon of light airy sno has a pleasantly smooth texture and takes on hints of wonderful flavors from green tea to strawberry.The variety of toppings include traditional options like red bean paste and nontraditional such as festive rainbow sprinkles.  Customers choose a SNÖ flavor, two toppings and choice of drizzle.
SnoLab Green Tea SNÖ with Fresh Strawberries & Mochi
I chose the green tea SNÖ topped with fresh juicy strawberries and refreshing traditional mochi. The flavors made for an exhilarating first experience with sno, especially on a hot Austin day.

SnoLab Strawberry SNÖ with Brownies & Sprinkles

We also sampled two additional flavors. The strawberry SNÖ with soft rich brownies and rainbow sprinkles was a delightfully decadent mix.

Coconut SNÖ with Fresh Strawberries & Coconut
The delectable vegan coconut SNÖ is made with coconut milk. This flavor of SNÖ goes fabulous with coconut shreds, fresh strawberries and chocolate drizzle.

Sno cream is an incredible treat to cool you down during the warm Austin months. SnoLabs is  committed to using the freshest quality ingredients so put them on the top of your list when you are craving a nice cool treat.

603 W Live Oak St
Austin TX 78704

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