Caffe del Fuego Cocktail Tasting at the Bonneville

Caffe del Fuego Coffee Liqueur
Full Disclosure: I attended a media tasting at the Bonneville and sampled complimentary menu items and cocktails. All opinions are my own.

Austin based company Caffe del Fuego recently launched their delicious liqueurs in 2013. The cousin duo Peter Knight Remington and Mark Remington Koelsch created Caffe del Fuego as their core brand in the Remington Family Distillers. The rich luscious premium coffee liqueur is delightfully versatile and can be sipped straight up, used as a craft ingredient in endless cocktail recipes and as a cooking ingredient. I recommend first sampling this flavorful liqueur for the first time straight up to enjoy the splendid flavor notes that include vanilla bean with hints of chocolate and caramel.

We dined in at at the Bonneville where their incredible Chef-Owners Chris Hurley and Jenn Costello along with talented bartender Aaron brilliantly paired dishes with Caffe del Fuego cocktails. The Bonneville is launching exciting new food and cocktail menu items that are a must try! Here is a look at just a few of the cocktails and delicious bites we tried:
Fuego Lebowski and the Humidor a the Bonneville

The Fuego Lebowski is a simple refreshing take on a White Russian. The Fuego is Caffe del Fuego on the rocks with half and half. The Humidor is a beautifully balanced cocktail made with Hirsh small batch bourbon, Caffe del Fuego, Luxardo Triplum and orange bitters.
A Trio of Drinks Using Caffe del Fuego

The negroni lovers will rejoice with one sip of the beautiful Fuego Negroni (pictured on the far left). The Old Fuego (not pictured) was one of my favorites and truly shows how versatile Caffe del Fuego liqueur is! The Old Fuego is a smooth, easy to drink cocktail. The Old Fuego cleverly substitutes the coffee liqueur for bourbon, a touch of simple syrup, orange bitters, chocolate bitters and orange peel lit to take on the flavors of citrus oils. One of Aaron\’s originals is the Apricot on Fire, an imaginative cocktail with rye whiskey, Caffe del Fuego, apricot liqueur and orange bitters. 
You can find Caffe del Fuego at many of Austin\’s hottest restaurants, coolest bars and best liquor stores in town and have expanded distribution throughout the state. Check HERE for a complete list.
Classic Margherita Grilled Pizza at the Bonneville

I have had the pleasure of tasting Chef Chris Hurley and Jenn Costello exquisite cuisine at many Austin food events and was excited to visit their restaurant for the first time. A few of the new menu items we sampled include comforting potato fritters, tempura of beet leaves/green beans/pickled beans and savory sweet honey chicken sliders. I could not get enough of the addicting beet leaf tempura. The grilled pizzas at the Bonneville are the perfect way to start off happy hour at $7 a pizza.
Caffe Del Fuego Facebook page
Instagram: @CaffeDelFuego
Twitter: @CaffeDelFuego

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