Blogger Cocktail Party with A.K.A. Mixology

Two of my favorite people with the reputation of \”hostess with the mostest\” threw a lovely cocktail party complete with cocktails made with A.K.A. Mixology and food blogger friends provided delightful bites. Through the common love of delicious food I met Alicia Kim, founder of A.K.A. Mixology and Anita Cheung of Fearless Captivations about 6 or 7 years ago. Visiting Alicia\’s home always means great company and refreshing craft cocktails. Her passion for both science (she is a former science teacher) and quality cocktails led her to opening her own company, A.K.A. Mixology. As a testament to the quality of her home made clarified juices, two of the three winning cocktails at the Official Drink of Austin last year used A.K.A. Mixology products. So what makes A.K.A. Mixology different than other elixirs? Alicia uses a centrifuge which produces a nearly crystal clear juice. Per their website \”Our clarifying technique produces a clear, almost colorless fresh juice. We hand juice the citrus to order. Clarified juices are sold in convenient 750mL screw cap bottles with no added sweeteners or preservatives…what Mother Nature intended.\” I love using the juices for stunning mimosas and gorgeous bloody Marys. 

A.K.A. Mixology Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail
During our cocktail party, Alicia made the ultimate patio sipper using gin and A.K.A. Mixology Strawberry Lemonade. The robust flavors are so fruit forward yet balanced. This could easily be made into a mocktail by mixing the juice with a sparkling water. 

Blogger Spread and A.K.A. Mixology Cocktail

For an appetizer I prepared skewers of Strawberry Caprese Skewers drizzled in 18 month aged Balsamic Vinegar from Con\’ Olio and Berry Mint skewers with Whipped Cream. I liked the addition of fresh berries as a Caprese.
Anita\’s Sweet Potato Crostini

Anita of Fearless Captivations made some delicious Sweet Potato Crostini three ways that I could not get enough of!
1) goat cheese, smoked salmon, dill, cucumber, red onion, lemon

2) goat cheese, candied pecans, thyme, bacon, pepper

3) feta, tomato, parsley, olive oil, lemon, mint, onion, salt

Kaylin Gilkey of Enticing Healthy Eating made a super healthy yet addicting roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoes with lemon yogurt sauce. 
Sharon Chen of Delish Plan made gluten free Crab Stuffed Mushrooms which were such a crowd pleaser. I cannot wait to share the recipe with all my GF friends!
Where can you find A.K.A. Mixology? 
You can find Alicia slinging, sampling and selling her products at Lakeline Mall Farmers Market on Saturdays and at Mueller Farmers Market on Sundays. In addition, ask your favorite bar if they are making cocktails with A.K.A. Mixology. Currently Geraldine\’s and Kitty Cohen are serving select cocktail(s) with A.K.A. Mixology.
A.K.A. Mixology is social:
a.k.a.mixology Facebook page

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