5 Way to Celebrate Texas Wine Month

October is Texas Wine Month and here are 5 ways you may celebrate:

Do you have a favorite Texas wine or winery? Share yours in the comments and let’s celebrate them proper.

1. Purchase tickets to the Texas Wine Month Passport and discover new to you Texas wineries. Tickets may be purchased here: https://texaswinetrail.com/texas-wine-month/

2. Love a Texas winery? Join their wine club. Most wineries have a wine club and they would love for you to be part of their official wine fam. Benefits vary by winery and usually include many perks such as access to special wine releases and events! Some wineries start with a minimum of a two bottle allocation twice a year.

3. Introduce friends to your favorite Texas winery. Spread the word by sharing a bottle or two with friends. I did this with a group of girlfriends this summer and it was a blast! 

4. Dining out? Ask the restaurant team which Texas wines are part of their bar program. This also helps bring awareness to restaurants that people are wanting to experience Texas wines while dining and may encourage them to add it to their wine menu if they currently do not have one.

5. Heading to the State of Texas Fair? Make sure to stop by the all Texas Wine Garden! Shelly Wilfong https://www.thisistexaswine.com curated a fantastic all Texas wine list just for the fair! https://bigtex.com

Here are the Texas wines represented at the State of Texas Fair:

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