Wine & Wildflower Journey 2023

The weather is warm, the wildflowers are in bloom and its time for the Wine & Wildflower Journey! Texas Hill Country Wineries invites you to join us this spring in the picturesque Texas Hill Country, sipping and sampling award winning wines at unique Hill Country Wineries. Savor all that Texas Wine Country has to offer this Spring and join us for one day or all twenty-six on this self-guided tour. I joined the Wine Lovers Passport earlier this year and found the Texas Hill Country Wineries the perfect way to explore incredible wineries through the Hill Country! It is also such a value.

All of these benefits for a ticket price of $100/couple or $65/individual. The average winery tasting fee is $25/person, making the total value of your passport over $950!  You’ll cover the cost of your passport, couple or individual, by just visiting and tasting at 4 wineries on the first day. Your Wine & Wildflower ticket is already saving you money, not including discounts on wine purchases! The limit to 4 winery tastings a day with your ticket is a way for THCW to promote responsible drinking during the events. They do encourage you can take your time and enjoy each winery more this way, instead of rushing through tastings and getting to the next stop. This allows for a more intimate experience at each winery, enjoying the wines and the people. Purchase your passport today!

Each order will include a custom barcode that serves as your digital Wine & Wildflower Journey Passport ticket. This barcode will be emailed to you upon completing your purchase and will be scanned at each participating winery you visit. Each day you can taste and scan your ticket at four participating wineries total, visiting each winery once during the event. You have 26 days to enjoy 40+ wineries in the beautiful Texas Wine Country, tasting your favorite wines and getting exclusive discounts! See full list of particpiating wineires here:

Passport Ticket Prices

  • Couples Passport – $100.00
  • Individual Passport – $65.00

Passport Benefits

  • 26 Days to explore the Texas Hill Country at your own pace
  • Complimentary tastings at each participating winery with a limit of 4 wineries a day (one tasting for singles, two tastings for couples – couples are ANY two people but both must be present together for tastings, tastings may vary at each winery) Each winery may be visited ONE time throughout the duration of the event.
  • 15% discount on 3 bottle purchases

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