Roll On Sushi Diner – Bringing a Unique Dining Experience to Austin

The Owners Chip and Chad Reed wooed everyone at their PR/Media opening part last night with not only their charm but amazing food and unique approach on dining with sushi. Sushi restaurants are popping up all over the Austin area so what makes Roll on Sushi different? When you walk in it is all \”diner\”. From the glowing sign, the black stools and the real diner bar top. Chefs prepare food in the center of their U shaped bar with diners seated on either side. The feel is exactly what they are aiming for, the fish bowl affect of watching chefs prepare sushi yet with the appeal of an old school diner. The bright colored plates are more than just for looks. They also indicate the price of each dish. 

How should I put it? Last night\’s experience was off the chain! Guests were treated to eight of the menu items, all unbelievably creative and scrumptious. Roll on Sushi Diner officially opens August 18th. Here is a preview of what to expect.

Goin\’ Nuts (@austinpixels master piece with the ingredients)
The Goin\’ Nuts might just be as addicting as the nuts at Uchiko (I am not kidding). @austinpixels couldn\’t resist playing with the spicy ingredients.
Philly Roll
The Philly roll was prepared in a fairly traditional fashion, tasting rich and flavorful.


Covered in zesty quacamole and spicy tuna, the Guaca-Rolly was definitely my favorite roll of the evening.

Cholesta Roll
The Cholesta Roll is worth every artery clogging calorie. This roll takes on a southern twist by combining chicken fried steak wrapped in mashed potatoes, tempura, sprinkled with scallions and floating in gravy.
Fried Ice Cream
In true Austin fashion Roll on Sushi Diner is keeping it local by serving this to die for fried ice cream with Amy\’s Ice Cream.

Roll on Sushi Diner has fully embraced social media, utilizing Facebook and Twitter to engage fans and follower alike. Recently they included their fans/followers in naming some of the menu items. You can find them everywhere (click the Social Rollin\’ tab on their website). In addition to Twitter and Facebook they have several youtube videos and a Tumblr tracking everything from the signing of the lease to the PR/Media party.

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