Would You Put This In Your Mouth?

I would like to think of myself as adventerous when it comes to trying different foods but now and again I put something in my mouth that I later regret.  It is worth it because most of the time I find new favorites.

So I pose the question, would you put this in your mouth?

Cow tongues from Uchiko. They actually were not bad, and the sake helped!

Uni, otherwise known as sea urchin. I have to admit I gaged when I tried uni.
Monkfish liver is surprisingly good! Similar in texture to pate but tastier.
I went balls to the walls in Amarillo TX at Big Texan.
Rocky mountain oysters and there are some mushrooms in their too.
Disclaimer: If you think they are shrimp don\’t eat them.

Cricket Tostada anyone?
I must admit that I accidentally ordered this at Papi Tino\’s last weekend.

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