Texas Saké Company

Kura (brewery)

The first time I met Yoed Anis was at one of the Texas Wine and Food Festival events at Uchiko in spring 2011. This bright eyed smiling entrepreneur exuded enthusiasm, was clearly knowledgeable about saké and was eager to share about his new company. Texas Saké Company is the first organic saké Kura in North America, first maker of saké from Texas rice and the first organic alcohol made in Texas. Drinking a round or two of saké is an experience with Yoed as he is well versed on Japanese customs associated with saké.  Rule #1: never pour your own saké Rule #2 never allow company\’s glass to be empty. This is to ensure you are giving your company undivided attention of course.

Texas Sake on the shelves at Asahi Imports 

On October 1st, 2011 Texas Saké Co. had their grand opening ribbon which coincided with international saké day. They currently carry two sakés, Rising Star and Whooping Crane.  Both sakés are Junmai, the Rising Star is nigori and the Whooping Crane is filtered. The Whooping crane has a special meaning to the company (see below). 

Story behind the whooping crane

Texas Saké recently hosted events that include a tour of the kura, tastings, brief talks on saké, live music and some of Austin\’s best Asian food trucks. You can find their saké at many stores such as Asahi Imports and Hana World. You can find their saké at some popular restaurants to include Komé, Swift\’s Attic, Barley Swine and Haddington\’s just to name a few. They frequent the SFC Farmer\’s Market downtown on Saturday\’s and the SFC\’s Farmer\’s Market on Sunday\’s at the Triangle. For a full and updated list of where to find Texas Sake Co\’s sake, check their updated list here: http://www.txsake.com/

Yoed explaining how they make their sake

Kasu from their saké can be purchased at Asahi Imports. Texas Saké\’s kasu tends to be sweeter than Japanese kasu and is great for baking, making Japanese porridge and much more.

Container of kasu
Komé serves a cheesecake using Texas Saké kasu with the perfect touch of crystallized ginger. I suggest paring the cheesecake with Rising Star saké.
Kasu cheesecake at Kome

You can sign up for event notification for Texas Sake on their website http://www.txsake.com/
You can also keep up to date via Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/txsake

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