Spin Modern Thai is Spicing Up North Austin

With two chefs formerly of Uchiko, it is no surprise that Spin Modern Thai produces delictibale dishes that are beautifully plated. The ideal seat is at the bar where you will find an open kitchen. At the bar you may have an opportunity to meet Chef Thai and watch him in action creating his unique dishes. My favorite menu item is the larb sake made of fresh salmon sashimi. This dish looks tame but the Thai peppers pack some heat. This dish also has heirloom tomatoes, a touch of parmesan and drizzled with namplala lemongrass vinaigrette.

Larb Sake

The grilled escolar is cooked on a Japanese grill. The rhizome curry paste perfectly contrasts the buttery taste of the escolar.

Grilled Escolar
I ordered the yam baby as a break from the heat of the beloved sake larb. The octopus is grilled and slightly chewy. The dish is overall mild but the scallions and chili lime sauce give it some warmth and is offest by the greens, shallots and sweetness of the cherry tomatoes.
Yam Baby Octopus
Pork belly dishes can be found occasionaly on their specials menu. The richness of the pork bellly is softened by the pinepapple miso glaze.
Pork Belly Pineapple Miso Glazed
Their tod mun takes a basic ground fish cake served with sauce. Both the red curry and the cucumber relish dipping sauces are complimentary to this otherwise basic appetizer.
Tod Mun

When I think Thai food fetunccine is not the first thing to come to mind but anything goes at Spin. The curry is mild, the stewed sirloin tender, and the touch of basil bridges this dish.
Panaag Curry Fettuccine
Spin Thai added a happy hour and serve reasonably priced beer and wine.

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