When a Community Bakes Together

In response to the tragedy that occurred at West, TX, Austin Bakes brought the Austin area community together to bake and donate in an effort to raise money for AmeriCares to benefit WestVolunteers set up at 8 Austin area locations. Businesses and individuals donated delicious baked goods, seasonings, and candy themed accessories and jewelry.

It is beautiful to see what a difference a community can make. This cookie says it all \”Love thy neighbor\”.

Love thy neighbor

One baker had a great sense of humor and baked Star Wars themed chocolate shortbread cookies. \”May the fourth be with you\”.

May the 4th be with you

If sweets were not your thing, Jennifer Cunningham donated her candy themed headbands and barrettes while Savory Spice donated various spices and seasonings.

The Stiles Switch location stayed open until 5pm and had a bonus treat of live music on the patio.

The winning treat in our household was @deltaann\’s peanut butter pumpkin dog treats. They are definitely Nala approved.

At the end of the day Austin Bakes raised over $18,000.00. 
Find out more about Austin Bakes here:


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