Spin Modern Thai Launches a Social Hour and New Menu Items

Spin Modern Thai launched a new social hour menu last night offering special pricing on select dishes, all wines by the glass and beer. They brought back the beloved larb sake during social hour only. Larb sake consists of a mix of salmon sashimi, red grapes, cherry tomatoes, microgreens, Thai chilies and nam pla lemongrass vinaigrette.

Larb Sake
In addition to the impressive social hour Chef Thai and Chef Eck recently introduced several exciting new dishes: hokkaido scallops, tuna with lychee, spring lamb and hoi tod crepe. Hokkaido scallops is a gorgeous dish of raw scallops, microgreens, garnished with watermelon radish, crisp green apple chips, topped with Thai chili vinaigrette, white truffle oil and sesame seeds.
Hokkaido Scallops

Tuna with lychee is a refreshing dish of lightly grilled big eye tuna seasoned with 5 spice, served on sweet lychee fruit and topped with golden tobiko, pickled shallots, julienne negi and Thai lychee sauce.

Tuna with Lychee

Check their website for the current social hour menu: http://spinmodernthai.com/social-hour-menu/

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