Umami Mia Pizzeria\’s Bloody Caesar

 I love a good spicy bloody Mary so when I read the description for Umami Mia\’s Bloody Caesar I was intrigued. This bloody is made with Tito\’s vodka, Clamato juice, Umami tomato sauce, lime juice, cracked pepper, Sriracha and wasabi sauce. While the Sriracha and wasabi add some spice and heat to the drink it is offset by the sweetness of the Umami tomato sauce.

Besides signature cocktails and Texas drafts, Umami serves Italian fare. They bake their pizzas in a wood fire oven which results in a crisp crust on the outside and a soft doughy inside.
Meat Pizza
Umami\’s sausage is made in house and they cure their own meats. They also do their own pickling and grow their own herbs. 
The large outdoor patio is partially covered and has an outdoor bar, both essential during the sweltering Texas summer. 

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