How Do You Roll\’s Arbor Walk Location Reopens and Launches a New Menu

HDYR? Arbor Walk store front

After closing for a week the How Do You Roll Arbor Walk location will reopen today just a few suites down from its previous location. In addition they are rolling out a new menu.

Creation Station
Fans of the original How Do You Roll\’s concept of watching your roll made to order will be happy to hear that they brought back the \”creation station\”. After placing orders at the counter, customers have the option of watching their roll transform at the creation station or they are welcomed to find a table.

Yesterday I attended their sneak peak where guests were treated to a complimentary meal and drinks. One of the owners Yuen Yung was all smiles as he greeted his guests and genuinely inquired how their experience was.

The new layout and ordering system has a true sit down restaurant look and feel. They traded in their bright bold colors for warm rich decor. The ordering system and ample seating makes a leisurely lunch or dinner appealing.
A piece of the beefinator roll
While customers waited in line the How Do You Roll staff handed out samples and asked if they needed anything. One of the samples was the beefinator roll with avocado, green onion, ancho chipotle and sesame seeds.
Ceviche with pita chips
I tried two the new appetizers, the ceviche and the stuffed avocado. The ceviche is white fish with a hint of citrus mixed with red onion and jalapenos topped with chili powder and spicy mayo on a bed of fresh slices of avocado. The ceviche pairs well with crisp pita chips.
Stuffed Avocado

Their stuffed avocado may be my new guilty pleasure. The baked avocado is filled with krab mix, copious amounts of masago and topped with chili powder, spicy mayo and cilantro. I am not typically a fan of dishes with lots of spicy mayo but this creamy avocado mixture is delicious.

Bento Box

The bento box is hands down the new menu item I am most excited about. You can make any roll, bowl or cone a bento box for an additional $5. The bento box includes a cucumber salad, fruitella dessert cone and your choice of beef or veggie dumplings. Do make sure to request dumpling sauce. The fruitella is a delectable dessert of white rice, strawberries, mandarins and Nutella wrapped in a soy wrapper.

Viva la sushi

Other new items I will be back to try is their ramen and udon.

How Do You Roll\’s Facebook page
How Do You Roll\’ Twitter account

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