Coffer Cold Brew Coffee Launches Today

Coffer Cold Brew Coffee is launching today at both the North Lamar and downtown Houndstooth locations. I attended their launch party yesterday where guests were treated to complimentary samples of this unique cold brew.

Coffer Cold Brew is a locally owned company producing the first naturally carbonated coffee in the world. The team is made up of three talented and innovative individuals Kevin Chen, Melody Fury and David Salinas. I love porters and stouts and I found this product to have similar flavor notes. They use an aging process to naturally carbonate the coffee resulting in a full bodied, richly flavored coffee with hints of chocolate and vanilla. 

 During the tasting we sampled Coffer Cold Brew over vanilla ice cream making the perfect ice cream float. It also makes an excellent mixer for cocktails.

If you are looking for a cold brew coffee that is not bitter and not too sweet this product is for you!

Twitter: @drinkcoffer
Instagram: @drinkcoffer

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