Frozen Rickshaw Serving Cool Asian Treats

Frozen Rickshaw is a food trailer serving up Asian inspired treats to include one of my favorites mochi. In addition to mochi they also serve ice cream, sorbets and fizzy floats. Owner Apphia Mann opened her trailer about 9 months ago and has quickly gained a loyal following. Apphia makes the ice cream and rice cakes by hand. The flavors are inspired by things she has tasted or made before, what\’s in season and what she herself feels like eating.

Her most popular flavors are the taro and the strawberry passionfruit. I recently stopped by and sampled the taro, strawberry passionfruit, Nutella, green tea, honey dew and mango ginger. To pick a favorite really is asking what type of mood you are in. From the bright honey dew, the rich and savory Nutella and sweet tangy mango ginger you cannot go wrong with Frozen Rickshaw\’s rainbow of flavors.

I know it\’s hot outside but not to worry. Frozen Rickshaw is situated next to the Burlap Bag and the plush shade trees do a wonderful job providing cover. 

(512) 677-9986

502 West 30th Street
Austin, TX 78705

Frozen Rickshaw website
Frozen Rickshaw Facebook page
Twitter: @FrozenRickshaw

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