Cuvee Coffee Opens New Retail Concept

Cuvée Coffee is a locally based company committed to using quality beans, promoting creativity within and they strive for innovation. Their efforts and commitment have paid off as their coffee has become a standard and very popular within the Austin community and beyond.

I recently attended a media event where Cuvée Coffee founder and CEO Mike McKim shared the company\’s vision of this new retail concept. We were treated to some of their menu items to include Antonelli\’s cheese, Walton\’s Fancy Staple pastries, meats from local butcher shops and their beloved Black and Blue cold brew. Cuvée Coffee opened this new retail concept in east Austin today. The team is still working on furnishing the inside and installing taps for beer and wine but in the meantime they will serve coffee.

Blackwell Welding created the bar/tap structure

When they are 100% up an running they will serve a selection of espresso, pour overs,  Black and Blue cold brew along with beer and wine. They will have 2 wines on tap and 9 craft beers on tap. They developed an ordering model to make for an efficient and personable experience. Customers will choose a cup size and from the espresso station, steam station to checkout each station will have a barista or cashier and the drink will follow the customer during the ordering process. Installing booths, bar seating and a semi private communal table is in the works.

Mike also shared some exciting news about their nitrogeneated cold brew Black and Blue! They will soon sell Black and Blue in 32 ounce \”crawlers\” (a coffee version of a growler) and will eventually begin canning. The new Cuvée Coffee retail cafe will no doubt be a welcomed addition to Austin\’s east side neighborhood.

2000 E. 6th street
Austin, TX

Checkout this cool site to find Black and Blue near you:

Cuvee Coffee Website

Twitter: @CuveeCoffee
Twitter: @CuveeColdBrew
Instagram: @cuveecoffee

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