Sugar Mama\’s Bakeshop Opens in Cherrywood

Austin\’s beloved Sugar Mama\’s Bakeshop opened a second location in Cherrywood. The new location is located on Manor Road and is next door neighbors to the new Dai Due brick and mortar.

Shark Week Cupcake from Sugar Mama\’s Bakeshop

Sugar Mama\’s bakes beautiful cupcakes with playful names, specialty cakes, gorgeous pies, popovers and dessert bars. They have a charming space to enjoy their sweet treats.

Sugar Mama\’s Bakeshop Dining Room

This location is not only serving delicious baked goods and pour overs, they are also offering gourmet cheeseboards, bubbles and beer! Who doesn\’t love indulging in a gorgeous cheeseboard with wine but I will take dessert first please!

Telephone Number:
(512) 912-6628

2406 Manor Road Suite B
Austin, Texas 78722

Sugar Mama\’s Bakeshop website
Twitter: @SugarMamas
Sugar Mama\’s Bakeshop Facebook page
Instagram: @sugarmamasbakeshopatx

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