Juice Society Making Cold-Pressed Hand Crafted Juices Launching Soon

Photo by Jesse Drohen of Austin Pixels

In the past 9 weeks I have added 1-2 green juices to my daily diet and I can feel a difference in both my energy and health. I love trying new local juices and I am excited to have discovered Juice Society. I recently came across Juice Society on Instagram and was instantly drawn to their beautiful bright juices and their concept. What makes Juice Society stand out is their hand crafted juices are cold pressed, raw, organic, unpasteurized and locally sourced when possible. The only case they use nonlocal produce is for ingredients that don\’t grow well in Texas like pineapple. They are taking a local organic and holistic approach to their product. The goal is not to open 20 locations but to simply deliver a high quality product.

I recently met with Juice Society founder Danielle Sobel to discuss her exciting new company and what inspired the concept. Danielle shared that when she was 16 she experienced eczema and migraines. She saw several doctors regarding migraines and she was directed to over the counter pain medications that provided little relief. Danielle attended FIT in NYC and afterwards moved to Houston where she got into fitness and health. It was then that she did an elimination diet. Her painful migraines and eczema went away, it was life changing. Danielle has since moved to Austin, TX and recently completed her certification as a holistic health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with the aspirations of helping others.

I tried two of the juices and found them delicious with the quality of the produce really shining through. Each juice uses 3-6 pounds of produce. They use the Norwalk juicer to make their nutrient dense juices. Juice Society keeps the integrity of their juices by using glass bottles and committed to never using high pressure processing (HPP). There are currently 12 menu items and Danielle is constantly developing delicious new recipes. Her personal favorite is the Golden Girl. Their websites and online ordering will be launching soon. There will be several ordering options to include a cleanse, juice box (mix and match) 6 packs and a subscription of 6, 12 or 24 juices delivered once, twice or three times a week.  Juice Society would like to open a store front for the community in 2015.

I tried both the Omgreens and the Golden Girl. The Omgreens has kale, cucumber, celery, apple, romaine and lemon. I liked the subtleness of the apple and tartness of the lemon. Often when apple is an ingredient the juice tends to be a tad too sweet for my taste.  Omgreen is a super easy to drink green juice. The Golden Girl is like a bright burst of sunshine! The Golden Girl is made with 3 simple ingredients of carrot, orange and turmeric. The carrot and orange balance each other out nicely while the turmeric adds an exciting flavor note to the juice.

The Juice Society website and online ordering system is aiming to go live as soon as November 1st. I will update this post when the online ordering system has launched!

Juice Society website (launching soon!)
Juice Society Inc Facebook page
Twitter: @JuiceSociety
Instagram: @juicesocietyinc

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