R3Summit Hosted by Prevention Magazine

Disclosure: I received free admission to the R3Summit as a VIB. All opinions are my own.
Pig roast during the reception
I was extremely honored and excited to attend the Prevention Magazine\’s R3Summit this year! This one of a kind event embodies so many of my interests. Health, fitness, aging (ahem gracefully), clean eating with excellent panels and amazing speakers. I took away so much from this fabulous event which was held on the beautiful grounds of the Long Center in Austin, TX. The Prevention team did a wonderful job making sure that this was a fun, informative and enjoyable event. 
Resistance panel

Friday kicked off with a cocktail hour, a pig roast and the movie Resistance. This was a great time to connect with other attendees from a variety of backgrounds. The movie was thought provoking and informative. The documentary takes a look at several people whose bodies have become resistant to antibiotics. It discussed the overuse of antibiotics and how it effects us and the world around us. I will now pay extra attention when purchasing meats to ensure they are antibiotic free. When dining out why not consider a restaurant committed to not using hormones and antibiotics?

Sadie Lincoln signing my book

Saturday morning started with a Barre3 class instructed by Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln. I unfortunately didn\’t sign up in time to get into this class but I did take a 15 minute class from Sadie later that morning. Sadie showed us moves you can do anywhere and see results even if you only have 5-10 minutes a day. I take Barre3 classes in Austin and practice barre at home with Sadie\’s workout DVDs so meeting Sadie and getting my copy of Love Your Lower Body signed by her was one of the biggest highlights of my day! She is super sweet, driven and truly an inspiration.

Andie MacDowell during the R3, Refresh, Revive, Reinvent panel

The first panel set the tone of the day. The discussion was on \”R3: Refresh, Revive, Reinvent\” and included Andie MacDowell. The renowned actress discussed everything from her daily routine, eating habits, transitioning into a home with an empty nest and her interest in preserving the environment. She shared that she doesn\’t really need to diet because she enjoys fruits, vegetables, nuts and stays active. My favorite of her quotes include \”Materialistic things do not feed your soul\” and \”Become your own best parent\”. Andie\’s beauty is so much more than skin deep. Her infectious laugh, positive outlook on life and her love for cartwheels makes her a timeless beauty.

\”Eat Clean\” panel with Sarah Toland, Darya Rose, Sonya Cote and Ashley Koff

The second panel I attended was \”Eat Clean\”. Eating clean is definitely subjective and hearing this stellar panel discuss their different perspectives was interesting. Preventive\’s nutritional editor Sarah Toland commented that healthy has moved to clean eating. Chef Sonya Cote is hardcore as it gets when it comes to the farm-to-table movement. She purchases almost all of her ingredients fresh from local farmers. She bases her restaurant menu at Eden East on what is locally grown today. Prevention\’s RD and \”Qualitarian\” Ashley Koff is all for making things simple and easier by buying frozen organic fruits and vegetables. PHD Darya Rose stated eating clean is about behavior, understanding nutrition is more difficult. Her advice is to focus on your habits and behavior. The take away was everyone can improve the quality of the foods we eat. Be it at your local farmers market, the grocery store or your own personal garden we all can eat cleaner and more sustainably. The key is finding what works best for you.

Chef Sonya Cote preparing her shrimp lettuce wrap with sriracha salt
Shrimp lettuce wrap with sriracha salt

The healthy epicurean stage had several excellent cooking demos from local chefs and Wild Planet sponsored a \”Wild About Tuna Challenge\”. I attended the \”Farm-to-Table Cooking Demo\” with Chef Sonya Cote, \”Savor the Season Cooking Demo\” with Chef Callie Speer presented by Lundberg Family Farms and the \”Wild About Tuna Challenge\” presented by Wild Planet. While Chef Sonya Cote demoed a shrimp lettuce wrap with Sriracha salt she also sprinkled in several great tips. She recommends cooking shrimp dry and cook them until they become opaque. She also urged us to eat our shrimp tails which are high in calcium (who knew?). She also shared that finding the right balance of acid, salty and spice can make any dish delicious.

Chef Callie Speer at the \”Savor the Season Cooking\” demo 
Chef Speer\’s pana cotta sherbet with apple bubbles

Chef Callie Speer of Swift\’s Attic prepared a sinfully delicious panna cotta with sherbet and apple bubbles presented by Lundberg Family Farms. I have tried several desserts at Swift\’s Attic so I knew we were in for a treat. Chef Speer shared anytime she uses chocolate she also adds salt. She also recommends grape seed oil for this recipe when preparing the puffed rice.

Ingredients provided for the Wild About Tuna challenge
Jennifer Fisher\’s tuna creation

The \”Wild About Tuna Challenge\” was a hands on cook off with attendees making their own tuna creation. It was exciting to see what the contestants would come up with! Austin\’s own AFBA member Jennifer Fisher of the Fit Fork participated by making her poolside tuna salad. This challenge was presented by Wild Planets and I was pleased to learn they are committed to sustainability.

Organic All Beef AppleGate hot dogs

Throughout the day we had delicious treats from Wild Planet, Lara Bars, Blue Diamond Almonds, Lundberg Family Farms, Applegate and refreshing teas from Salada. Attendees had several opportunities to workout with Pound Fitness, the Power of 10 and Barre3 with Sadie Lincoln.

Jane Ko from A Taste of Koko getting henna tattos

There were also opportunities for chakra readings, rekai and gorgeous henna tattoos. I enjoyed the consultations with Dermalogica skincare, Developlus haircare and I couldn\’t leave without purchasing paraben free/cruelty free lotion from the Bath Bar.

Bath Bar scent station

Bath Bar station with paraben free and cruelty free products

Each guest walked away with an extremely generous swag bag with hair products from Developlus, organic milk shakes from Organic Valley, GoGo Squeez applesauce, Nuun sports hydration drink, organic vitamins from Garden of Life, hand crafted natural bath products from Divine Luxury, a complimentary class card to Barre3, an issue of Austin Fit magazine, Prevention Magazines and so much more!

I had such an amazing day at the R3Summit and I look forward to next year. I loved the variety of activities and panels to choose from. Thank you to all the sponsors and Prevention Magazine for including me in the R3Summit. I hope to see some of you there next year!

Prevention Magazine website
Prevention Magazine R3Summit website

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