ClassPass Now in Austin!

Full Disclosure: I received a free month of ClassPass for their launch. All opinions in this post are my own. Please check with your physician before starting a new workout routine.
I workout on average 4 days a week and love trying out new studios. So when I was presented with the opportunity to tryout ClassPass for a month I was extremely excited! ClassPass launched in Austin earlier this month and now has nearly 50 studios participating.  If your New Years resolutions include being more fit and active then ClassPass is the perfect way to gift yourself. I also recommend recruiting a friend to join you on your journey. It will not only be more fun working out with a buddy but you also can hold each other accountable in meeting your goals in the new year. During my month using ClassPass food Blogger Linda from Girl Eats World was my partner in crime.
What is ClassPass? It is an easy to use service that allows subscribers to sign up for workouts at a variety of studios for a flat monthly fee of $79. Currently ClassPass is good for unlimited classes with up to three repeat visits to the same studio per month. There is a huge variety of classes to choose from to include cycle, yoga, barre, Pilates, dance and strength training. ClassPass Subscribers can sign up for classes online starting a week out from its scheduled date. The sign up process easily allows subscribers to filter on start time, type of activity, neighborhoods and studios.
ClassPass allows you to find studios offering the activities that
interest you at the time and location that fits your schedule.
The studios I visited during my trial period include:
Pure Pilates Austin (Domain location) – Pure Sculpt (twice)
Tetra Fitness – Cycle
The Bar Method – Mixed Level Barre (twice)
Mod Fitness Studio – Mod Barre
Zenergy Studio – Zenergy Barre
Todd Pilates – Barre
Additional studios that currently participate in ClassPass that I highly recommend as a current patron are Kor180 and Dancers Shape. Kor180 is my home studio. I love their kick ass Rydes complimented by Reformer classes. The equipment at Kor180 is top notch and the instructors are incredibly motivating. Dancers Shape offers barre for all levels, yoga and recently started chair and reformer classes. Jennifer McCamish, owner of Dancers Shape, and her team are amazing instructors.

What I like about ClassPass:
~It exposes you to many studios without a huge financial commitment. 
~There are a variety of workouts to choose from located all over town.
~Some of my favorite studios and now new favorite studios are participating. 
~After most of the classes I participated in I inquired from the employees and/or owners what their experience was so far with ClassPass and heard nothing but 100% positive feedback. 
~ I met some wonderful instructors and tried some great new studios and workouts.
In my opinion ClassPass is ideal for those that like a variety of workouts and enjoy checking out new studios. It is also great for people looking for a home studio as ClassPass allows you to try several studios without a huge commitment. I loved using the ClassPass service to get my sweat on this month and if you give a try I am sure you will too! Click on this link to get started: ClassPass Signup

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