An Exquisite Dining Experience at Launderette


From the moment I arrived to the end of our dining experience I was completely charmed by Launderette. With Rene Ortiz and Laura Sawicki behind the restaurant it is no surprise how well executed the cuisine is. The menu is thoughtful and the cuisine is both fresh and innovative.  I love how they incorporate fresh local vegetables into many of their dishes.

Sparkling Rose at Launderette

I joined four of my foodie friends for what would be one of the best dining experiences I have had so far in 2015. We enjoyed bubbles on the cozy patio by the fire while we waited for a table. As we made our way into the charming dining room I watched happy diners enjoy their dinner and company, I knew we were in for a treat. We started our meal with various snacky bites.

Potato Chips with Pimento Cheese at Launderette

The house-made potato chips are perfectly crisp and served with a warm savory blend pimento cheese.

Fried Oysters at Launderette

The fried oysters had an incredible tempura served with a delightful coriander dressing, fried lemon slices and jalapenos. The oysters were fried to perfection and the sauce elevated the dish.

Chicken Liver Pate at Launderette 

The chicken liver pate is incredibly rich and is balanced nicely by the huckleberry preserves.

Red Snapper Crudo at Launderette

The red snapper crudo was one of my favorite dishes at Launderette! The brightly flavored dish was a melange of tender pieces of red snapper flavored to perfection with dashi, oregano and citrus.

Crab Toast at Launderette

The crab toast is full of plump pieces of fresh crab with a light fennel aioli,  slices of creamy avocado drizzled in a radish top-mint vinaigrette on top of a chewy slice of semolina bread.

Soft Egg Toast at Launderette

The decadent soft egg toast was a piece of perfection. The gooey soft egg with asparagus, aromatic taleggio, a heavenly truffle vinaigrette was offset by briny bottarga on top slices of focaccia.

Brick Chicken at Launderette

The brick chicken off the specialties menu was a group favorite. This is not something I would have thought to order but luckily I was dining with a group of wise friends. The dish was beautifully executed with perfectly prepared tender chicken, a creamy aligot sauce and braised chard.

Charred Octopus at Launderette

The charred octopus off the wood grilled menu was pure bliss! This umami dish has charred tender octopus served with upland cress, garlic aioli, creamy avocado and incredible tasting beluga lentils. This charred octopus was my favorite and I could not return to Launderette again without indulging in this astounding dish.

Frites at Launderette

We tried three fabulous menu items off the vegetable offerings and yes I am counting the frites as a vegetable. The frites are a thing of perfection. The perfectly crisp hand-cut fries were complimented beautifully by a spicy manzano sauce and garlic aioli.

Caramelized Endive at Launderette

The caramelized endive was well prepared but super sweet. The blue cheese complimented the caramel flavors.

Broccolini at Launderette

The super fresh broccolini has a savory remesco sauce and toasted almonds. This is the perfect accompaniment to any entree.

Apple Pie at Launderette

We finished our meal off proper with two desserts. The beautifully present apple pie had a lovely crust topped with a heavenly sage ice cream and the plate is swirled with a mouthwatering salted caramel.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

Birthday cake ice cream sandwich was my favorite of the desserts. It transported me to a beautiful memory as a child eating soft cookies with festive sprinkles and rich vanilla ice cream.

Patio at Launderette

I had a lovely time at Launderette and highly recommend dining here. There is typically a wait but they have an adorable patio with drink service which is a great opportunity to visit with your dining companions and take in the beautiful Austin day.

2115 Holly St

6 thoughts on “An Exquisite Dining Experience at Launderette

  1. You gave us a well-rounded tour of their menu, thanks! I will definitely make a visit to Launderette. The fried oysters and sage ice cream sound divine!


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