Favor App Delivering Restaurant Orders, Groceries and More

Super Happy Fun Sushi Bowl and Hydrator from JuiceLand

Full Disclosure: I partnered with Favor and received a free delivery to share my experience along with a promo code for a free first delivery with my readers. All opinions are my own.

If you dine out in Austin chances are you have seen someone in a cool blue t-shirt with a bow tie logo picking up a to-go order or running an errand. These friendly drivers are from Favor which is an innovative delivery service in Austin. Favor will deliver just about anything to include food from your favorite restaurants, dry cleaning, prescriptions, clothing, groceries, and more! I recently tried out the service and found it super easy and convenient to use.

You an Order From Favor with a Few Simple Steps

Download the Favor app to your mobile device and you can order from some of Austin\’s best restaurants, juiceries and other businesses.

Step 1) Search by category or type in a custom search to find the service or restaurant that you seek.

Step 2) Scroll the establishments menu which is conveniently organized by category and with a tap add your selection(s).

Step 3) Enter your address and credit card information.

Step 4) That\’s it! Your friendly Favor driver will arrive at your designated delivery location with everything you need (utensils, napkin etc.).

The cost to use Favor in Austin is a $5 and 5% of the cost of the items and tip to the runner.

I try to squeeze in a brisk workout during lunch but often do not find the time. I decided to have a Favor delivery at Mount Bonnell where I could arrive early and get a workout in by running up and down all 102 steps while waiting on my delivery. My order was delivered promptly at 11:30 and I was able to enjoy the rest of my lunch on top of Mount Bonnell taking in the serene views.

I love Austin juiceries and I was pleased to see several of my favorites on Favor. I ordered the Hydrator and the \”Super Happy Fun Sushi Bowl\”. The Hydrator has fresh watermelon juice, peach and lemon. The Hydrator is the perfect drink for a hot summer day in Austin. The Super Fun Sushi Bowl was fun indeed. This delicious dish has steamed quinoa with cucumber, apples, nori, sesame oil and gluten free tamari. The full-flavored mock spicy salmon has fresh carrots, chick peas and spiced up with a touch of natural sriracha and wasabi aioli.

Promo alert! Favor is offering my readers their first delivery free. Just enter the following Promo code: SUSHIGIRL

Learn more about Favor by checking out their website: http://favordelivery.com/

Twitter: @favor
Instagram @favor

2 thoughts on “Favor App Delivering Restaurant Orders, Groceries and More

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