Hwedupbap at Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen

Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen is now serving the traditional Korean dish hwedupbap (sometimes referred to as Korean chirashi). I was excited to try hwedupbap for the first time and the dish did not disappoint! Their hwedupbap consists of a bed of perfectly cooked rice topped with delicious cuts of raw sashimi grade salmon & ahi pepper tuna, masago, vibrant wasabi tobiko, fresh butter lettuce, daikon, purple cabbage, shredded carrots, nori, bonito, sprouts, sesame oil and a side of sweet & spicy gochujang sauce. Before serving you mix the ingredients together and add gochujang to taste. I loved all the elements of this incredible tasting and gorgeously presented dish.
JAK offers an expansive menu serving fabulous Korean and Chinese cuisine. Their saké and wine selection is equally impressive. Happy hour is Monday-Friday from 3pm-6pm and Wednesday they offer 1/2 off wines by the bottle. If you are seeking an exceptional dining experience in North Austin I highly recommend trying Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen. 
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2 thoughts on “Hwedupbap at Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen

  1. that's a very fancy looking hwedupbap! The ones we got in Korea were usually strips of white fish on rice. This one looks high end and delicious… we'll have to check it out… had the ones at Hanabi and Ichiban, this one is presented beautifully.


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