Yard House Now Open at the Domain

Drinks and Eats at Yard House Yard House officially opened their doors this past weekend at the Domain. We attended a preview party and had the wonderful opportunity to check out the new space, enjoy some cold beverages and their delectable eats. The Yard House is spacious with a sprawling patio, wrap around bar andContinue reading “Yard House Now Open at the Domain”

Hwedupbap at Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen

Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen is now serving the traditional Korean dish hwedupbap (sometimes referred to as Korean chirashi). I was excited to try hwedupbap for the first time and the dish did not disappoint! Their hwedupbap consists of a bed of perfectly cooked rice topped with delicious cuts of raw sashimi grade salmon & ahi pepperContinue reading “Hwedupbap at Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen”