Pie Plante Sweetening Up South Austin

Coconut Cream Pie at Pie Plante

Full Disclosure: I recently attended a complimentary sampling of pies at Pie Plante. All opinions are my own.

I joined a group of fellow food bloggers for a pie social at Pie Plante and was impressed with their incredible pies. Mark Plante opened his trailer in the fall of 2014 serving his sweet and decadent pies in south Austin.

Bourbon Sour Cherry Pie at Pie Plante

We tried the velvety rich chocolate mousse, the delightful coconut cream and the luscious bourbon sour cherry pie. All three were phenomenal but but the bourbon sour cherry was my favorite. The coconut cream & chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream are the perfect dessert in these warmer months. Or you can add a scoop of ice cream to a slice of bourbon sour cherry to keep you cool.

Chocolate Mousse Pie at Pie Plante

The flavors rotate so keep an eye on @pieplante\’s social media accounts for the current offerings. You can swing by the trailer for a slice or you can pre-order a whole pie.

504 West Oltorf Street
Austin, TX 78704
Pie Plante Facebook page
Instagram: @pieplante
Twitter: @pieplante

3 thoughts on “Pie Plante Sweetening Up South Austin

  1. Surprisingly when I tried all 3 flavors coconut is usually my first go to. However that chocolate pie with a hint of salt was incredible. My daughter and I picked up all 3 flavors and it was really hard to choose which one was our favorite. Beautiful pics.


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