Austin Daily Press Rolls Out New Menu Offerings

Full Disclosure: I recently attended a media tasting from Austin Daily Press. All opinions are my own.

I recently had the pleasure of tasting some of Chef Reed Faitak\’s creations from Austin Daily Press. The wildly popular trailer expanded to a brick-and-mortar serving their innovative yet approachable cuisine. The tasting took place at the very cool neighboring bar the Wheel and Chef Reed Faitak showcased new menu offerings to include catering and brunch. 

August Sandwich Special at Austin Daily Press

We started off our culinary journey with the August sandwich special. The delicious sandwich has eggplant and a goat cheese \”latke\”, sweet corn & spicy jalapeño custard, fresh arugula, pickled green beans, delightful plum & basil jam and savory confit duck rillet (optional).
Fruit & Root Salad at Austin Daily Press
One of my favorite dishes of the evening was the light and refreshing fruit & root salad. This gorgeous salad has fresh cucumber, mouth-watering watermelon, golden beets topped with queso Oaxaca and a delightful spicy lime vinaigrette. 
The Panino at Austin Daily Press
The  appetizing panino with roasted mushrooms, queso Oaxaca, rich mole and pickled onions is a hardy vegetarian option.

Jalapeno Hush-Puppies at Austin Daily Press (Catering Menu)
The catering menu is offering some tantalizing and inventive options. If you cater with Austin Daily Press feel free to invite me! The piping hot jalapeño hush-puppies served with a fabulous spicy ranch had all of our taste buds begging for more.
Corn Salsa at Austin Daily Press (Catering Menu)
One dish that took my by surprise was the innovative corn salsa with smoked peach yogurt, queso fresco served with buttery crostini. Not pictured is their perfectly prepared fried chicken & biscuit served with a luscious blueberry jam.

Breakfast Slider at Austin Daily Press

Austin Daily Press is excited to unveil several brunch menu items that they anticipate serving as a \”pop-up\” brunch at The Rattle Inn. The breakfast slider with migas, smokey jalapeño ham, cheddar and tangy pickled onions is the ultimate comfort food. 

Fried Chicken and Biscuit Sliders at Austin Daily Press (brunch menu)

Another tasty brunch menu item is the pint size biscuit sandwiches with house-cured bacon, grape tomatoes, creamy avocado and a splendid chimichurri sauce. 

Fried Shortbread Dessert from Austin Daily Press

Austin Daily Press rolled out some new dessert balls on the menu and needs your help naming them! Hit them up on Twitter to enter your vote. The winner will receive a free t-shirt and free shortbread biscuits for a year from Austin Daily Press (Click on the following link for details: Contest Info). The delectable fried shortbread bites are coated with a cinnamon sugar and beautifully paired with blueberry jam & vanilla glaze.

While in the neighborhood grabbing a cold one at the Wheel is a must! The Wheel is a full bar with excellent specials to include whiskey of the day priced at $4. The inviting beer garden is also pup friendly. 

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