Valentine\’s Inspired Cocktails with Zodiac Vodka & A.K.A. Mixology

With Valentine\’s Day right around the corner we met with Alicia Kim, owner and founder of A.K.A. Mixology, for some exciting sweetheart themed cocktails with Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka. The results of Alicia\’s creations were phenomenal and will set the mood for a romantic Valentine\’s Day!

Black Cherry Fizz – photo by Jesse Drohen
Show your sweetheart your sweet side with this gorgeous cocktail. The rose syrup adds a hint of sweetness making it the perfect cocktail to kick off your Valentine\’s Day.
Black Cherry Fizz
1 Wild Hibiscus Edible Flower (place at the bottom of the glass)

2 oz. Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka

.5 oz. A.K.A. Mixology Lemon
2 tsp Rose Syrup

Top it off with Sparkling Water
Serve chilled in a flute or tulip glass 
Black Cherry Vodka & Tonic – photo Jesse Drohen
The refreshing Black Cherry Vodka & Tonic makes for a fabulous patio sipper. A.K.A. Mixology tonic exquisitely compliments the bold natural cherry flavors of Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka.
Black Cherry Vodka Tonic
2 oz. Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka
1 oz. A.K.A. Mixology Tonic
3 oz. Soda
Garnish with lime wheel and a cherry
Serve over ice in a Tom Collins glass
Black Cherry Martini – photo by Jesse Drohen
The tantalizing Black Cherry Martini is as stunning as it is delicious. 
Black Cherry Martini
2 oz. Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka
.5 oz. Grand Marnier
10 drops of Hibiscus Flower Extract
Garnish with luxardo cherry
Serve chilled in a martini glass
Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka – photo Zodiac Website
Zodiac Vodka is an all-natural craft spirit. Zodiac uses a Single Source Distillation® method, as the potatoes are regionally sourced and the entire distillation and bottling process occurs at Zodiac\’s distillery. The water for Zodiac is drawn from the Snake River Aquifer which runs beneath the distillery. The product is produced using 4-column fractional distillation and is filtered using hand-cut Canadian Birch Charcoal. Zodiac is distilled once which allows the vodka to retain a naturally sweet, distinctive taste. Zodiac is produced from non-GMO ingredients and as a 100% potato vodka, making it a naturally gluten-free.
d natural cherry flavors

A.K.A. Mixology is a local Austin company that takes a scientific approach and uses modern technology to make fresh, natural juices spun in small batches. The process results in crystal clear juices with light carbonation making for the ideal mixer. These are easily the best juices and elixirs that I have ever tasted! Some of Austin\’s best restaurant and bars uses A.K.A. Mixology elixirs to include Barley Swine. A.K.A. Mixology can customize mixers for your establishment, find out more here:
A.K.A. Mixology Facebook page
Instagram: @a.k.a_mixology
Twitter: @aka_mixology

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