Street by Chinatown Serving Delicious Asian Street Food

Street Restaurant Now Open

Street by Chinatown is a fresh new concept! The team at Street opened their doors in June and are rolling out \”Street Food. Sushi. No Frills. All Flavor.\” The new restaurant, located in the former Musashino space, is serving Asian street food from around the world. 

Earlier this year I attended a tasting at Chinatown where Ronald Cheng shared delectable bites and the exciting news of the launch of Street. I am incredibly excited for their opening and stopped by during the first week they opened to the public.

Chef Jorge Making Magic Happen at the Sushi Bar at Street

The approachable menu has authentic ingredients, prepared from scratch with original flavors which is what Cheng remembers about his mother\’s cooking as well as food he had during his travels. The menu is well rounded with Daily Specials, Salads, Soup/Noodle Soups, Starters like Pork Belly Sliders, Dim Sum, Hot Appetizers to include Grilled Chilean Sea Bass and a variety of both Traditional & Innovative Sushi offerings.  

Ceviche Street Style at Street

And of course I could not resist some of their exciting sushi offerings! The Ceviche Street Style had some wonderful flavors. This delightful dish has perfect cuts of tender yellowtail & salmon, spicy Aji amarillo sauce, red onion, freshly sliced cherry tomatoes and cilantro. I enjoyed the balance of coolness and heat in the splendid ceviche.
Maguro Green Tea at Street

The Maguro Green Tea has delicate cuts of tuna sashimi topped with a green tea matcha sauce, macadamia and creamy goat cheese. The flavor profile of this sashimi dish is phenomenal.

Pork Belly Sliders at Street

In the true spirit of street food we indulged in Street\’s savory Pork Belly Sliders. The tender pork belly and crisp veggies are encapsulated with two plump doughy buns.

Jelly Fish Salad at Street

I always take delight in ordering jellyfish anytime I see it on the menu. The Jellyfish Salad is a light, simple yet filling salad.

Escolar Skewers at Street

The sushi bar also sent out some delicious Grilled Escolar Skewers with onion and pepper.

Check all pretentiousness at the door and prepare yourself for an incredible yet casual dining experience with an explosion of flavors from around the world at Street!

3407 Greystone Drive
Austin, TX 78731
(Downstairs from Chinatown)

Tuesday – Thursday 11AM – 10PM
Friday 11AM – 10:30PM
Saturday 5PM -10:30PM
Sunday 11AM – 10PM
Instagram: @streetatx

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