Dulce Vida Launches Exciting New Tequila Flavors

New Dulce Vida Tequilas – photo courtesy of Giant Noise

Dulce Vida Tequila has expanded their portfolio by launching exciting new organic handcrafted tequilas to include their Dulce Vida Blanco (80 proof), Dulce Vida Lime and Dulce Vida Grapefruit. The Dulce Vida Blanco is a smooth spirit made of 100% pure agave. The blanco is great straight up or the perfect ingredient for your favorite margarita. Dulce Vida has some excellent recipes for the Dulce Vida Lime to include a Loco Mule with ginger beer and a spicy Dulce Diablo with club soda, agave nectar and jalapeno. The zesty Dulce Vida Grapefruit is full flavored requiring little ingredients. Add either lemon-lime soda for their Perfect Paloma or a splash of red wine for a Sassy Senorita.

Dulce Vida Launch Party at Antone\’s Nightclub

The Dulce Vida team threw a true Austin party at Antone\’s Nightclub complete with live music from local talents, delicious bites from Maudie\’s Tex Mex and refreshing Dulce Vida Tequila cocktails to celebrate the launch of the exhilarating new flavors.

Loco Mule with Dulce Vida Tequila Lime

The cocktail menu showcasing the new tequilas is impressive with the Loco Mule with fresh lime flavors being my favorite.

Dulce Vida Organic Tequila

I am seeing the new flavors already popping up in bars and restaurants in the Austin area. Ask for it by name at your favorite restaurants, bars and liquor store.

Instagram: @dulcevidatequilaaustin
Dulce Vida Tequila Facebook page

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