Verts Mediterranean Grill Now Pouring Vino

Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay at Verts Test Kitchen

Full Disclosure: I attended a complimentary tasting at Verts Mediterranean Grill. All opinions are my own.

Austin based Verts Mediterranean Grill that is known for their savory cuisine, tantalizing appetizers and refreshing local drafts is excited to add wine to their menu. The carefully selected approachable wines perfectly compliment your favorite Verts menu items. I recently attended a tasting at the innovative Verts Test Kitchen to sample cuisine with their soon to launch wine offerings. The wines are sold in 1/2 bottles making it easy to share with your meal and you can take it home to enjoy later.

Israeli Hummus at Verts Test Kitchen
The brightly flavored Israeli Hummus with paprika oil, tahnini, lemon and topped with richly flavored stewed lamb pairs beautifully with the Sonoma Cutrer, Chardonnay. This full-bodied Chardonnay has invigorating citrus notes, lovely creamy texture and a nice mineral finish.
Babaganoush at Verts Test Kitchen

The festive Ruffino, Prosecco was delightfully paired with a playfully plated Charred Babaganoush made with eggplant, lemon, garlic, blistered tomatoes and aleppo. The Ruffino, Prosecco has fresh citrus notes with apples and pears to finish. 
Queso Fundido at Verts Test Kitchen
Last but not least is the Wild Horse, Pinot Noir that chef paired with a Mediterranean Queso Fundido. The wine and dish was an absolute crowd pleaser! This Pinot Noir has a wonderful nose of dried cherry and vanilla with a lovely rich mouthfeel. This versatile wine would pair nicely with all of Verts cuisine. The Queso Fundido was absolutely phenomenal with creamy feta, haloumi, perfectly seasoned beef and harissa.
Chef Introducing the New Brussels Sprouts Dish at Verts Test Kitchen

We also sampled the addictive crisp Brussels Sprouts that just launched at the Guadalupe location! Expect to see the new wines and Brussels sprouts dish launching at their other area restaurants soon.
2530 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX 78705

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