Delysia Chocolatier Brought the Flavors of Austin to the Austin Food and Wine Festival

Austin Food and Wine Festival goers were able to taste your way through Austin thanks to  Chef Nicole Patel of Delysia Chocolatier. Chef Nicole Patel creates Austin inspired delectable truffles for the Austin Food and Wine Festival that are not to be missed. 

I had a sneak peek of a sampling of what Chef Patel treated festival goers to and at no surprise I\’m completely impressed with her exciting innovative creations. 

•An 🥑Avocado Margarita Truffle inspired by @currasgrill. Curra\’s Grill is famous for their Avocado Margarita and this white truffle is the perfectly captures the flavors with fresh avocado, Patron Silver tequila, cilantro and some zesty lime.

•🍑Peach Cobbler Truffle with local pecans and Texas peaches. This truffle is a true taste of south with melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate blended beautifully with spices, pecans and dried Texas peaches.

•Blueberry Citrus 🍺IPA infused with @hopsandgrain. The white chocolate has a burst of exciting notes from grapefruit, dried blueberries infused to enhance the citrus notes of the IPA.

•A taste of @saltlickbbq with a BBQ Brisket Caramel Truffle. Nothing says Texas like BBQ and Salt Lick is an Austin favorite. Patel blends rich dark chocolate and caramel seasoned to perfection with the exact dry rub used in their famous brisket and ribs.

•Jalapeño Ranch Dip truffle inspired by local farmer\’s markets. This mind blowing truffle is nicely balanced with white chocolate, fresh jalapenos, buttermilk and ranch seasonings. 

•🍅Bloody Mary truffle inspired by a brunch favorite with @titosvodka. We love our Tito\’s in Texas! This brunch themed truffle brilliantly uses bitter sweat chocolate, tomatoes, jalapenos and Tito\’s Handmade Vodka.

•Blood 🍊Orange Cider truffle with the refreshing @eastciders newly released Blood Orange Cider. Austinites get excited when Austin East Ciders announces their seasonal releases! The juicy Blood Orange Cider truffle is a delight with dark chocolate infused with cider, dried pineapple and macadamia nuts.

•🌺Hibiscus Lavender truffle inspired by Mt Bonnell. A taste of spring in Austin, this fresh truffle incorporates lavender, hibiscus blended with milk chocolate.

•And last but not least 🥞Pancake & Syrup inspired by Austin\’s favorite breakfast spot @kerbeylanecafe. The playful treat is blended with pure maple syrup and studded from Kerbey Lane Cafe pancakes.

Patel\’s Parisian style chocolates and mouthwatering truffles may also be purchased online and you can visit them at their gorgeous chocolate boutique which is open Wednesday – Sunday.

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