Authentic Tapas and Pinchos Bar El Chipirón Now Open

Dining at El Chipiron

The extraordinary talented Chef Pablo Gomez opened the doors to his first venture, El Chipirón this weekend. His Spanish roots are evident with the influences on the menu and inviting space.

El Chipiron Dining Room

The gorgeous chic restaurant is serving up authentic tapas and pinchos paired artfully with Spanish wines, Spanish beers and exquisite craft cocktails. Expect to find carefully selected cheeses, melt-in-your-mouth cured hams, squid ink meloso rice and more. The restaurant officially opened July 1st on South Lamar. I had the opportunity to meet Chef Pablo along with a preview of the menu and can attest to both his passion and talent. Here is a first look:

Spanish Cheeses at El Chipiron

Spanish Cheese at El Chipiron
We were greeted with spectacular Spanish wines, mouth-watering Jamón ibérico (type of cured ham produced in Spain and Portugal) and carefully selected cheeses of Manchego, Idiazabal (Spanish cheese made of sheep mil) and Membrillo. This eloquently set the tone of the cuisine and attention of detail that is experienced at El Chipirón.
Salmerjo Shrimp at El Chipiron
What are pinchos? Pinchos are high-end bite-sized snacks and the kitchen at El Chipirón executes these delectable bites exceptionally. The Salmorejo Shrimp is a sensational pincho! The shrimp was perfectly cooked and the tomato purée had hints of garlic.
Garbanzo Salad with Chorizo at El Chipiron
This savory yet light dish of Garbanzo Salad with Chorizo was one of my favorite dishes! I am so happy that Chef Pablo brought this lovely traditional dish to Austin.
Porrusalda at El Chipiron

The cold Porrusalda is a delightful summer soup. It is the perfect blend of Spanish Potatoes and Leeks with added pops of flavours to include pickled beans. 

Salpicon de Pulpo at El Chipiron
Well this seafood lover was delighted by the Salpicon de Pulpo (octopus salad). The tender octopus with blend of crunchy vegetables is the perfect addition to any meal.
Gin and Tonic at El Chipiron
GIn & Tonic at El Chipiron

Chef Pablo introduced us to the Perfect Gin & Tonic with Alkkemist Gin. A couple tips he shared with us it to serve the cocktail in a cold glass and adding a dash of salt. True to its name, this was truly the perfect gin & tonic. 

What else is in store? Chef intends to have exciting events wine and cheese tastings to ham cutting lessons to cooking demonstrations.

2717 South Lamar

Monday – Wednesday: 5pm-10pm
Thursday: 5pm-10:30pm
Friday & Saturday: – 5pm-11pm

Sunday brunch: 11 am to 3 pm

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