A First Look at 101 by TeaHaus

101 by TeaHaus

Full Disclosure: I attended a complimentary dining experience at 101 by TeaHaus. All opinions are my own.

101 by TeaHaus recently opened their doors serving up fast casual Asian cuisine. The menu showcases dishes from several Asian countries such as Japanese curries, Korean Bulgogi, Taiwanese beef noodles, delightful sweets from from Pastry Chef Erica Liu, signature boba teas and a refreshing cocktail menu.

I recently dined in and was delighted by the dining experience. Not only our their dishes gorgeous, they are absolutely delicious.

Melona Soju Cocktail a 101 by TeaHaus

The smooth Melona Soju cocktail is a must try. Melona is a South Korean flavored ice pop which makes for a fun melon flavored cocktail.

Sweet Potato Fries 101 by TeaHaus

The sweet potato fries are super addicting and the best I have ever tasted.

Taiwan Sesame Cold Noodles at 101 by TeasHaus

The Taiwan Sesame Cold Noodles loaded with vibrant crunchy veggie the perfect balance of filling yet light. I am a sucker for house pickles and theirs did not disappoint. 

I am super please with this fast casual spot with delicious Insta-worthy eats & drinks and hospitality to boot.
6929 Airport Blvd., Ste. 132
Austin, TX

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