Jumping Into Spring With the Sleep School Challenge

Post sponsored by Sleep Experts
Hi Sushi in the ATX friends! We are all so busy that we often put self-care to the wayside which includes getting a good night sleep. With a full time job, maintaining an active blog and social media accounts, attending 3-5+ media events a week and spending quality time with family, I find it challenging to consistently get a good night sleep. That\’s why I am excited to participate in a two-week sleep challenge inspired by the Sleep School video series presented by Sleep Experts (www.sleepexperts.com).
I recently met up with Serena Hicks of Austin 360, Haley of Readysetjetset and the Queen of Sleep Jena Mays to discuss the importance of getting a good night sleep. I learned that getting enough sleep is known to improve our mood, helps our overall health, boosts our immune system and may promote weight loss. I accept the challenge and commit to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night for the next two weeks. Since I have a four-legged alarm clock and I have to make it into the office by 7am, I will need to make sure to hit the sheets early. I look forward to seeing how I feel after the two week challenge!
I invite you to follow along on our Instagram feeds, social media at #SleepExpertsATX and make sure to check out the Sleep School videos series presented by Sleep Experts: https://www.austin360.com/advertising/sleep-school/.
Do you have tips on how to get a good night\’s sleep? Please leave a comment on this blog post, I would love to hear them.

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