3 Natural Wines to Ring in the New Year

Light Years Natural Wine Shop + Bar

Happy New Years Eve! During our trip to Houston last week, we visited @lightyearswine, an adorable natural wine shop + bar with a phenomenal selection of natural wines from Texas and beyond. I am learning that I enjoy natural wines and welcome learning more and tasting Here are a few of my top picks for natural wines to ring in the new year. These are fun alternatives to the classic champagne toast and are great for pairing with cheeses, desserts and hors d’oeuvres. 
William Chris Petillant Naturel 2017
@williamchrisvineyards Petillant Naturel 2017 is a festive natural bubbly wine that is a great way to greet guests. This fun wine is unique in that it is lightly bubbly and often cloudy because fermentation is finished inside the bottle and does not experience filtration. It gorgeously pairs with desserts making it the life of the party. I found their smaller bottles at @wholefoods.
Dandy Pink Bubbles 2017
Dandy Pink Bubbles 2017

Bubbles 2017 is sure to put a smile on your face! This naturally sparkling wine is made with no filtering or fining and is also Petillant Naturel Style. 
Southold Farm and Cellar Horshoe & Handgrenades 2016
@southold_farm_and_cellar Horseshoe & Handgrenades 2016 is the last sparkling Legrein from their old farm in Long Island (lucky us, they now are in the Texas Hill Country). This fizzy red is made similar to Lambrusco with this vintage being similar to a rosé. I recently visited the winery and couldn’t leave without this delicious wine. 
Cheers to a Happy New Year!! What will you be sipping on this New Years Eve?

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