Tips on Keeping Your Pup Happy, Healthy, Enriched and Entertained

I am so moved by the generosity of our community. From providing meals, sewing masks, donating essential services and more, Texans Hearts Beat Loud and Proud. I saw a post from @austin_humane sharing photos of some their cute adoptable puppies and the nonprofit shared that the food for all of their animals was donated from Heritage Ranch by @heb. Thank you H-E-B for supporting our local nonprofits! I personally donated to @austinpetsalive #savepetsinsweats this week. #texanshelpingtexans

Speaking of pets, we are shelter-in-place with our sweet pup @_Miss_Nala. I have noticed many folks adopting their furever new family members and wanted to share a few tips on how we are spending our time with our pup. This post is in partnership with H-E-B.

Here are a few tips and 🐾 tricks to keep your pup healthy, happy and entertained during shelter in place:

1) Learn a new trick, reward with affection and/or their favorite treats. Nala is loving the Heritage Ranch Dog Snacks by @heb!

2) Play \”find it\” indoors or in the backyard. Have your pup smell a toy, have them sit/stay while you hide the toy out of their site. Then let them find it. Indoors we incorporate nose work by  placing boxes to explore and find hidden treats as well.

3) Puzzles 🧩  are a fun enrichment activities for dogs. They sell many online but really all you need is:
a muffin or cupcake pan
a few 🎾s
Hide treats in the pan, place the balls over the treat for them to nudge/paw/or mouth to retrieve.

4) Go for a walk with your pup. Not only will it give you both a chance to get fresh air, sunshine and exercise, it is also a great way to bond with a new pet.

5) See the link in my bio for resources on dog training, treat baking, grooming tutorials and more!

Bringing a new pet home? Check out H-E-B Texas Tails: Understanding Your Dog video:

Training Resources:

Austin Pets Alive! is a local nonprofit that is offering donation based virtual fitness, dog treat making tutorials, and grooming guidance. Find out more here:

The Dog Alliance has private lessons with professional trainers via Zoom. My pup, husband and I have personally paid for training at The Dog Alliance and highly recommend! They also train service dogs that help people in our community.

Karma Dog Training has virtual training available that is described as family fun learning.

Zoom Room is offering remote video training. To book a live remote training session, click on Book an Appointment, then select Private Training > Remote Video Training.

Alexandra offers Private lessons via FaceTime/Skype and has training videos as well:
Dog Treats and More:

H-E-B offers a variety of food, treats and toys at the H-E-B Pet Shop:

Edible Austin shares guidelines to consider when switching to a do-it-yourself diet for your dog and offers recommendations:

Her Modern Kitchen shares a pup pleasing recipe for Peanut Butter Parsley Dog Treats:

P 🐾 wsome Dog Treat Delivery is an Austin based baking up special occasion boxes and more:

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