Where to Find Locally Made Face Masks, Austin, TX

Wearing a mask by Laurel Twist Co

With the updated shelter-in-place extended to May 8th 2020, the Austin-Travis county is required to wear fabric face masks. Here is a round up of where to purchase locally made Face Masks.

Please note this post does not make any claims, please refer to CDC Guidance for safety information.

Chiva Pets Closet created locally made masks and is having a sale of $6 for masks right now. Link to purchase: Chiva Pets Closet Masks

Ft. Lonsome +  Miranda Bennett Studio has collaborated for a buy one donate one face mask effort. Sign up for their newsletter for updates on their next collection release. FT Lonesome x Miranda Bennett Studio Masks

Frankie Jean added Austin themed masks to their site. Prices ranges $5-$25 and are based on number of layers. Link to purchase: Frankie Jean Masks

Frankly Made shares a 1 page PDF on how to make masks here: https://freesewing.org/blog/facemask-frenzy/ and sells masks are now priced at $20/each for 1-5 masks purchased. 6+ masks will be offered at $15/each (check their Instagram feed)

Grace and Lace co, as seen on Shark Tank, has a passion for faith, family & rescuing orphans. Their mask range from $10-20 and there is an option on their site to donate masks as well here: Mask Donations. Link to purchase: Grace and Lace Masks

Kaiju Cut and Sew accepts donations for their masks which goes towards #standwithaustin. Follow them on Instagram for instructions and availability announcements here: @KaijuCutandSew. Also check out their Etsy page for handmade custom bags & wares showcasing Japanese fabrics.

Kingsted will donate one mask for every one you buy. This way, we increase the number of masks in circulation and we help our community at the same time. Masks range from $8 a mask to $25 for a 5 pack. Link to purchase: Kingsted Masks

Laurel Twist Co sells a variety of beautifully designed cards, invitations and apparel to include face masks. Her mystery print masks with fabric ties are $12. Link to purchase mask: LaurelTwistCo Masks

Mary Claret, maker of contemporary apparel handmade in Texas, cells magksfor $15. Purchase benefits Austin Artists Emergency Relief Fund. She is also happy to produce masks for healthcare providers for free. Link to purchase: Mary Claret Masks

May Designs has designs ranging from bright and cheery to solid colored masks for $22. Link to purchase: May Designs Mask
Mozart\’s Coffee is now selling 3 different “grades” of face mask! Surgical Masks for $5, Fabric Masks for $10, and our Designer Face Masks for $22.50 from designer @lindaasaf. Mask may be ordered online and pick up at Mozart\’s or have it delivered by Favor. Notably, Black\’s BBQ is serving bbq there, they have a nice grocery selection and they serve some of the best treats in town. Link to purchase mask: Mozarts Coffee, Mask

Pet Part Co makes custom masks with options to add a logo, your cute pups face and more to the backdrop of your choice. Link to purchase: Pet Party Co Masks

The Royal Weave, maker of handmade accessories and fiber art, has make for sale. Link to purchase: The Royal Weave Masks

Parts and Labour has hosted Texas based designer since 2004. This includes those local makers creating masks. Link to purchase: Search Masks on Parts and Labor website

Pink and Silver Fashion is a lifestyle Chic- Bohemian brand that offers small batch one of a kind clothing, accessories, and home decor designed in Austin. Link to purchase: Pink and Silver Fashion Masks

Savilino Design, a local design and manufacture company making modern aprons, leather goods, and apparel for the hospitality industry has taken to making masks as well. Masks are in available in both Adult and Kids sizes and are $10-12. Link to purchase: Savilino Mask

Solecita Competition Bikinis has you covered from bottoms to top as they are now sewing face masks. When they are in stock you may purchase here: Solecita Bikinis Masks

Stampworthy Goods has a buy a mask give a mask program, with each purchase they donate a mask directly to a healthcare worker. Masks are $14, come in both adult and patterns vary on availability. Link to purchase: Stampworthy Goods Masks

Suzanna Dai creator of Travel-inspired jewelry, is sewing custom made face-masks in 4 sizes ranging from $25-$35. Link to purchase: Suzanna Dai Masks

The Pet Scout Shop, an adorable dog boutique online shop based in Dallas, has taken to making masks with their beautiful patterns for $5. Link to purchase: Pet Scout Shop Masks

Brittany Allen, Austin fashion designer and Project Runway 18 contestant, is sewing up mask covers. They sell for $10 with the emobroidered single monarch running $35. Link to purchase: Brittany Allen Mask Covers

Fashion by Texas knows that we need masks and our Austin fashion industry needs to work. Masks are $10 and you know you\’ll be putting this amazing creative industry to work. You may also opt to purchase masks to donate to first responders. Fashion by Austin Masks (Austin Fashion Week)

Kelly Wynne launched Dear 512 Masks for a buy one, give one campaign. Purchase a mask & they\’ll donate a mask to local organizations in need. Link to purchase: Kelly Wynne Dear 512 Masks

Not Local:
Beyond Yoga – When you purchase this 2-pack of face masks, we will donate 2 masks to essential workers who need them. A 2-pack is $20. Link to purchase: Mask

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