Easy Tiger Launches Easy Egg Sandwich in Partnership with Vital Farms

Great news friends! You can now find Vital Farms eggs at Easy Tiger. To celebrate, Easy Tiger is offering $5 Easy Egg Sandwiches all day Tuesday, April 20th at all of their locations. The Easy Egg breakfast sandwich is made with premium ingredients from local partners like Vital Farms’ Pasture-Raised Eggs and it’s available all day long! You will not want to sleep on this amazing sandwich, make sure to get yours today!

Vital Farms are my favorite eggs and remind me of the quality of the eggs that my grandmother always had on her breakfast table straight from her chicken coop. Vital Farms began with a husband and wife, 20 Rhode Island Reds, an Austin pasture, and a commitment to animal welfare. Matt and Catherine aspired to produce ethical food and a sustainable business. Instead, they built a transformational one. Today Vital Farms partners with over 200 family farms. Every hen is humanely treated, every egg is pasture-raised and they continue to elevate their (and the industry’s) standards, continuing Matt’s commitment to conscious capitalism.

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