Gregorio\’s Food Trailer Opens at Midway Food Park

Sasha Piltser and Alex DiGregorio opened their Italian food trailer 3 months ago. ¬†Sasha has a passion for food trailers and was writing for Austin Food Trailers while Alex worked as an editor. They honed into Alex\’s Italian roots, Sasha\’s knack for entertaining and along with their collective joy of cooking they began their nextContinue reading “Gregorio\’s Food Trailer Opens at Midway Food Park”

Midway Food Park Now Open in Westlake

Midway Food Park opened today bringing the trailer food trend to Westlake. Currently both¬†Dock & Roll Diner and The Seedling Truck call this expansive park home and undoubtedly others will soon join their ranks at this welcoming new park. The Seedling Truck will open for dinner service while Dock and Roll opens at 11 amContinue reading “Midway Food Park Now Open in Westlake”