Midway Food Park Now Open in Westlake

Midway Food Park opened today bringing the trailer food trend to Westlake. Currently both Dock & Roll Diner and The Seedling Truck call this expansive park home and undoubtedly others will soon join their ranks at this welcoming new park.
The Seedling Truck will open for dinner service while Dock and Roll opens at 11 am for lunch and 5 pm for dinner service.
If you haven\’t tried Dock & Roll you are missing out. They serve an impressive signature \”Maine Event\” lobster roll that can be ordered 7 different ways along with other tasty central Texas themed sandwiches. Today I indulged in their delicious creamy mac n cheese with succulent pieces of lobster.

This large and well groomed park has a playscape and a green plush open field making it both a family and dog friendly environment.

The park is equipped with ample seating with umbrella tables to comfortably enjoy your eats in the summer heat.

Patrons wont have to melt away in a porta potty at this food park! Midway Food Park has a trailer bathroom on site with AC.
Midway Food Park first impression is promising. I look forward to see which trailers will join in and what exciting events they have in store for the community.

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