"Cheers to One Year" at Whole Foods Market Domain

Whole Foods Market Domain is celebrating their one year anniversary! The festivities kick off Thursday, January 15th. On Thursday shoppers can expect to be surprised with complimentary cupcakes during their lunch break. I recently had one of their gorgeous cupcakes and they are not to be missed! Spiced Cupcake at Whole Foods Domain There isContinue reading “"Cheers to One Year" at Whole Foods Market Domain”

Lucy\’s Fried Chicken on Burnet

After several months of remodeling, the former Austin Diner location has transformed into Lucy\’s Fried Chicken second location.  Lucy\’s menu The casual restaurant specializes not only in crispy fried chicken but they also serve baked oysters, fried appetizers and delicious pies.   Lucy\’s bar They have a full bar with local drafts, a decent selectionContinue reading “Lucy\’s Fried Chicken on Burnet”