Fukumoto Pop-Up at Qui

Moto Utsunomiya and Chef Kazu Fukumoto¬† Earlier this year I attended Chef Kazu Fukumoto\’s pop-up sushi dinner at Qui and had a taste of what to expect with his new restaurant concept. After enjoying this unbelievable dinner, Fukomoto Izakaya & Sushi won me over as the most anticipated Austin restaurant opening in 2015. While theContinue reading “Fukumoto Pop-Up at Qui”

Austin Food & Wine Festival 2013

¬†If you attended both Austin Food & Wine Festival this year and last year you know what a treat this year was. While I enjoyed last year\’s event, this year festival goers experienced less crowded demos, plush green grass and little to no waiting lines making for an enjoyable experience. While I consider myself aContinue reading “Austin Food & Wine Festival 2013”