Fukumoto Pop-Up at Qui

Moto Utsunomiya and Chef Kazu Fukumoto 
Earlier this year I attended Chef Kazu Fukumoto\’s pop-up sushi dinner at Qui and had a taste of what to expect with his new restaurant concept. After enjoying this unbelievable dinner, Fukomoto Izakaya & Sushi won me over as the most anticipated Austin restaurant opening in 2015. While the pop-up was not the official restaurant menu it did beautifully illustrate Chef Fukumoto\’s extraordinary talent and shining personality. 
Fukomoto Izakaya & Sushi is slated to open sometime in September 2015 but in the meantime here is a look at some of the fabulous dishes that were showcased during the pop-up.
Miso Glazed Cod Prepared by Chef Fukumoto
The miso glazed cod topped with Japanese radish had an amazing caramelized flavor.

King Salmon From New Zealand Prepared by Chef Fukumoto
Chef Fukumoto expressed a commitment to sourcing sustainably and responsibly to include this gorgeous piece of king salmon from New Zealand. The rice was perfectly cooked and the delicate piece of salmon was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Japanese Mackerel Cured and Pickled Prepared by Chef Fukumoto

This spectacular piece of mackerel is easily the best I have tasted! The Japanese mackerel was  cured, pickled and the mild hint of ginger with scallion complimented the fish perfectly.

Ebi, Tuna and Salmon Sashimi Prepared by Chef Fukumoto

The sweet ebi, rich tuna and king salmon sashimi were perfect cuts of incredible fish.

Squid prepared by Chef Fukumoto
The squid was paired with a delightful flavor enhancing sauce.

Tamago Prepared by Chef Fukomoto
The pleasantly appealing sweet tamago had a light texture. 

Toro and Otoro Prepared by Chef Fukumoto
Otoro (pictured to the right) is considered by many to be one the most desired cuts of tuna. The tuna belly had a rich flavor and a remarkable marbleized appearance. 

Uni Prepared by Chef Fukumoto

Uni is becoming one of my favorite dishes to order when trying new sushi restaurants. The creamy and mild uni served was extremely palatable.

Macha Apple Shaved Ice Prepared by Chef Fukumoto
We ended the evening with a brightly flavored macha apple shaved ice dessert which cleansed the palette and punctuated the ending of an outstanding dining experience. 
Congratulations to Chef Fukumoto and his remarkable team as they prepare to open Austin\’s newest dining hot spot. To keep up with the official opening date I recommend following them on Instagram and Twitter. I will also update this post when the date is announced. 

514 Medina Street

Austin, TX 78702

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