Thai Kun Brick-and-Mortar Menu Preview at Qui

Thai Kun Brick-and-Mortar to Open Soon at the Domain In anticipation of the brick-and-mortar opening at the Domain soon, Thai Kun hosted a preview at Qui showcasing a variety of dishes from the new menu. Thai Kun Cocktail The impressive 7 course meal was paired with an equally exceptional drink menu consisting of fine wines,Continue reading “Thai Kun Brick-and-Mortar Menu Preview at Qui”

Dinner and Drinks at Qui

While the appeal of watching Top Chef winner and Austin\’s Culinary sweetheart will undoubtedly bring the crowds to Qui, the exceptional food and dining experience will equally impress and lure them back. The team at Qui exudes synergy, each chef and cook busily prepping for dinner while hosts, bartenders and servers competently take care ofContinue reading “Dinner and Drinks at Qui”

Uchi Houston

= Uchi Houston\’s menu draws not only from both Uchi (Austin, TX) and Uchiko, they also have several dishes unique to their location. Like the menu, the decor draws from both Uchi Austin and Uchiko but successfully has a ambiance and has je ne sais quoi of its own. This interesting shaped building is aContinue reading “Uchi Houston”

Would You Put This In Your Mouth?

I would like to think of myself as adventerous when it comes to trying different foods but now and again I put something in my mouth that I later regret. ┬áIt is worth it because most of the time I find new favorites. So I pose the question, would you put this in your mouth?Continue reading “Would You Put This In Your Mouth?”