Lost Creek Vinyard

I fell in love with Lost Creek when it was both a winery and vineyard. In the past few years they opened the Treehouse Bistro and lodging in their beautiful vineyard but in obtaining a full liquor license they had to seize in producing wine (per Texas law).

I spent my birthday weekend in the hill country and spent one evening at Lost Creek. Waking up to a vineyard was a dream come true.

The Bistro was bustling and an obvious local favorite. I tried the tuna tartare and a shrimp and artichoke salad. Both were fresh and delicious. 
Tuna tartare served with blue tortilla chips.

Shrimp, artichoke and avocado salad.

Most wineries have a beloved animal mascot. Lost Creek honors their dog Buddy in naming a wine after him. They no longer produce wine but they currently have some in stock from the winery days.

The best day of the week to dine at the Treehouse Bistro is Saturdays where they light up their patio and showcase live music.
Sadly on June 30th of this year the Bistro suffered a kitchen fire damaging much of the dining room, kitchen and guest rooms. I will definitely return when they are able to repair the damage to support this gem in the Hill Country.

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