Takara Sushi & Asian Bistro

Takara Sushi & Asian Bistro is located at the 1890 Ranch Shopping Center in Cedar Park. This family owned restaurant offers traditional and creative specialty rolls as well as Korean dishes. Takara keeps the menu offerings fresh and interesting by continuously updating the menu and occasionally providing special menus for a the week.

My favorite roll is their signature roll \”Takara Spring Roll\”. This is a rice less roll made of salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab, avocado, sunomono cucumber, spring greens wrapped in rice paper. The simplicity of this roll allows you to taste the fresh flavors of the fish.
Takara Spring Roll
Another one of my favorite rolls at Takara is the Lemon Zest Roll. Lemon Zest has salmon & avocado wrapped with crab kanikama in an irresistible wasabi mango puree with a touch of fresh lemon zest & red tobiko. 
Lemon Zest Roll
For those who prefer their fish and meat cooked I suggest trying the Texas Roll.  This roll is full of meaty goodness and rich flavors.  It has jalapeno cream cheese tempura, crab, avocado, topped with mouth watering pieces of grilled New York strip steak, a balsamic glaze and a rich garlic mustard seed reduction.
Texas Roll
The specials menu is always a treat. Sometimes if items sell well they make it to the regular menu or inspire new menu items for the regular menu. I fell in love with the Three Saketeers when it was offered. Three Saketeers is a trio of delectable pieces of salmon beautifully arranged in its own dish and has its own unique mix of ingredients. Although it is no longer on the menu they do occasionally offer similar items and is a good example of there \”special\” menu items.
Three Saketeers
I highlighted some of the specialty items but they do serve all the traditional rolls, sashimi and nigiri.
Ebi nigiri
Takara has a great happy hour from 4pm-7pm Monday-Thursday. I suggest checking them out on a Friday evening when they have live music 6:30pm-9:30pm. Its location makes it the perfect place to dine before or after an event at the Cedar Park Center.

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