East Side King Now Open in Cedar Park, TX

East Side King Cedar Park, TX When I bought a home in Cedar Park, TX just over a decade ago I did not anticipate how much our city would grow. I am delighted that within minutes we now have local favorite coffee shops, hip spin studios and delicious eateries. Also about a decade ago, EastContinue reading “East Side King Now Open in Cedar Park, TX”

Daichi Sushi & Grill

Daichi Sushi & Grill is a true hidden gem tucked away inside a shopping center in Cedar Park. The restaurant has gained popularity throughout the community over the past few years primarily by word of mouth. Daichi is owned and operated by Tomo and Keita Koike whose native country is Japan. The duo are extremelyContinue reading “Daichi Sushi & Grill”

Spin Modern Thai Launches a Social Hour and New Menu Items

Spin Modern Thai launched a new social hour menu last night¬†offering special pricing on select dishes, all wines by the glass and beer. They brought back the beloved larb sake during social hour only. Larb sake consists of a mix of salmon sashimi, red grapes, cherry tomatoes, microgreens, Thai chilies and nam pla lemongrass vinaigrette.Continue reading “Spin Modern Thai Launches a Social Hour and New Menu Items”

Soto Launches a Social Sake Hour

Soto debuted a social sake hour on Monday offering specials on both food items and drinks. The food offerings are made up of both unique and traditional appetizers, fresh sushi and makimono.¬†Their sake social menu is available Monday through Friday 5pm-6:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 3pm-6:30pm and reverse happy hour is Friday & Saturday 10pm-midnight. TruffleContinue reading “Soto Launches a Social Sake Hour”

Takara Sushi & Asian Bistro

Takara Sushi & Asian Bistro is located at the 1890 Ranch Shopping Center in Cedar Park. This family owned restaurant offers traditional and creative specialty rolls as well as Korean dishes. Takara keeps the menu offerings fresh and interesting by continuously updating the menu and occasionally providing special menus for a the week. My favoriteContinue reading “Takara Sushi & Asian Bistro”